SuiteCRM Performance Tuning


I’m working on performance tuning for our SuiteCRM installation, we’re finding that slow page renders are making some tasks tedious to complete; and generally just slowing down workflow overall.

For the first steps, I’ve converted all tables to InnoDB, and used to tune the MySQL configuration; these two steps seem to have helped significantly - however page load time is still in excess of 100ms. I’d like to get this down to about 25-50ms if possible.

What additional performance tuning steps should I investigate, and how can I determine what is consuming the most amount of page load time?

For example, perhaps some customization is causing most of the load time, or an index problem, etc.

Here are a few tips about table sizes, if you have a big or old installation:

And here is a more detailed document from SugarCRM, most things should still apply:

(I don’t know if the second link just repeats the tips in the first, or if it has anything new)