Suitecrm page not displaying after migration

i migrated suitecrm to another server. however i noted that when i logged in to suitecrm the page does not display correctly. i have repair the server but still no success. please help. i am running suite Version 7.9.4, Sugar Version 6.5.24 (Build 509)

please see the link

please help

i will appreciate any help to resolve this issue. thanks in advance.

make sure
‘host_name’ =>
‘site_url’ =>

reflect the new server name in config.php

Thank you sir for the advise. i have done the changes and also cleared the cache folder but the error still remains the same. please advise.

Here are all steps to move CRM to a new server, make sure all steps were done.

thank you sir. i did exactly that and still no solution.

What is your version of OS, database, PHP, and web server?

Can you please check your permissions. It’s likely that your Web server simply cannot read the required files.

Hi, when I looked at your server you seem to have a directory called suiteCRM2 like so

and that loads OK, there is no directory called suiteCRM, only suiteCRMOLD and suiteCRM2

Perhaps check your URL and the configuration of your webserver once again?

When I try to load the login page comes up OK for me.

I hope this helps you.