SuiteCRM over Dead Sugar Instance


Some months ago I moved our SugarCRM instance to a new host. I was able to login so didn’t think anything of it. It remained unused since then and now when I try to login I am getting errors. My suspicion is that because the new host uses PHP v7X that Sugar has died. The old host is no longer available. I have now installed SuiteCRM on my server and that works fine, but is empty. There was custom fields and calculations in the Sugar instance.

Given that I cannot login to the old server and the now copied version of Sugar exists, but we cannot login to that either, what are our options for migrating to SuiteCRM?

Thanks for your help!


If I was in your position, this is what I would try:

  • install an older PHP on the SugarCRM server

  • get that installation to a correct running state

  • upgrade to SuiteCRM from inside SugarCRM, up to the exact same version you have in the new clean SuiteCRM server

  • migrate database and custom directory from one to the other

If you can’t go that route, and can’t get SugarCRM to work, you’re left to manually moving stuff from one system to the other. This will have to be table by table, customization, by customization. Expect a very troublesome and laborious process, exporting each table, adapting the data format, then importing. I would only attempt this if your data is very simple (like “I just want to move Contacts and Cases, I can leave the rest behind” or something like that)

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That’s great, thank you @pgr. That is pretty close to the route we had decided on. Thanks heaps!

Just out of interest @pgr, what would be the target version of SuiteCRM from SugarCRM v6.5 please and is the a migration tool for it? Thanks again, John

Yes, see this Upgrades page:

At the very bottom, you’ll see some upgrade packages from SugarCRM. Note that you will have to do it in steps, first moving to SuiteCRM 7.6.6, then 7.8.20, then 7.10.7. The package names tell you what is possible.

Make a good complete backup first, and take your time in each step, check your functionality, make sure it’s healthy before taking the next step.

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