SuiteCRM Notifications (Alerts) not working on out-of-the-box installation?


I just installed a fresh instance of SuiteCRM 7.5.1 and Notifications (Alerts) are not working - no alerts are ever shown in notification box. Alerts table is empty.

PHP and SuiteCRM error logs are showing no errors whatsoever.

I read the documentation and it seems that notifications should be working out-of-the-box without any configuration.

Please check the screenshot.

You need to enable on a user by user basis

Admin … Users … edit user … advanced tab … enable desktop notifications

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I tried enabling desktop notifications for a user as well but that didn’t help.

I understood that “enable desktop notifications” per user only enables browser desktop notifications and that SuiteCRM notifications will work regardless of this per-user setting (green reminder count going red and allowing me to see reminder details).

Somehow alerts table stays empty when I add new calls with reminders and periodic get alerts ajax request returns only “No Current Notifications”.

Strangely if I populate alerts table manually everything works as expected.

I will try to install SuiteCRM 7.5.1 on a different server now.

I have installed a fresh version of SuiteCRM 7.5.1 on ubuntu 14.04 machine. When I create a call or a meeting & set reminder, that setting is not applied to that record. With logs investigation I have noticed that following values are set as -1,
reminder_time, -1,
email_reminder_time, -1,

This is working perfectly fine on V7.2.0

Any suggestion what is wrong.


Those values are no longer used to determine the reminders. It is handled by the reminders, reminders_invitees and alerts tables.

I did all this but still alerts are not working.,.
Can you suggest any other option for achieving the same.

Thank You…

Same here. Running SuiteCRM 7.7.3 on Mac (MySQL/PHP)

Desktop Notifications enabled in user settings (and I see confirmation from Mac Notification Center). -> Logged out of SuiteCRM and logged back in.

I create a meeting with pop-up reminder activated and set to 15min prior to start time.

Time’s up. No notifications, whether on system nor in the top right of SuiteCRM interface.
I do however see respecitve entries in the reminders and reminders_invitees tables. Table “alerts” however remains empty.

I’d be looking forward to this working! We’d start really using SuiteCRM for tasks, reminders, etc.

I have the same problem, alert notifications don’t work only if I change the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy.

If I leave the default preference notifications work fine.

Any solution?

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interesting! we use date format

Bug has been posted in the meantime:

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Hi All,

I too faced the same Issue . Though I had created my meetings and calls with popup Alert , I didn’t find any Alerts in the Header of the SuiteCRM Site. Please help me to solve this Issue. herewith i had attached the Snap of my screen.

Hi all,
in the last 7.8.6 LTS version the bug is not resolved.

Correct me if I’m wrong. According to the bug reported above, shouldn’t the alerts start working if I change the Local settings Date Format to DD/MM/YYYY?

I tried that and it still isn’t working.

We still have the same problem in 7.9.8 - opened an issue on Github.

Fix available here:

Will hopefully be merged soon