suitecrm logo changes not working from admin panel

Suitecrm logo changes not working from admin panel. While uploading image invalid format alert message is coming.
I am uploding png format only.
Helpme to fix this issue.

Dear kanagaraj,

Please check the file permission of upload directory and cache directory.

I think it will resolve your issue.

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Thanks for reply.

Already i gave full permission and checked. Alert will through invalid image format. I am uploading only png or jpg only. It’s not taking any images to upload in admin -> system -> logo image upload.

it’s throwing error.

If it’s the point where you stuck, you can do one alternate.

You can go to theme directory and can replace the SuiteCRM current logo with Your new logo.

Please make sure you use the same name.

Here is the path themes/default/images/company_logo.png


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I solved the problem,


That is a security verification that was added.

Maybe you can open an issue on GitHub with what difficulty you had, and how you solved it? Thanks for reporting!

Hi pgr,
from where i can open the issues in github. any specific link is there.

If you Google “suitecrm GitHub” you are taken there, but here it is for you:

Press the green button saying “new issue”