SuiteCRM hosted vs SuiteAssured

I’m trying to find out some info, I need a stable instance of suiteCRM for a small business. I’ve had someone respond to my enquiry (Sales Agility, I think), but the chap keeps trying to tell me that the business needs ‘suiteAssured’, and a ‘code audit’, both of which are expensive, and require meetings etc.

However, the website states that you get a free 30 day trial, then £95 per month after that, for an install hosted by suiteCRM.

The business is only going to have 2-3 people using the system, certainly initially, and doesn’t need a lot of fancy functionality, nor, as far as I can see, does anything need auditing.

I have actually installed suiteCRM myself already, and it looks good, it’s just a little slow (a bit like me). I’m really just trying to get a stable instance up and running to start using it.

Do you need to pay for a ‘code audit’ etc in order to use the suiteCRM hosted £95 per month starter? I asked the salesperson but he just kept telling me that we had to have the expensive option.


Please try to optimize PHP, MySQL, and Apache configuration, it will help to speed up the application.
If you are on a shared server, I suggest you move to the dedicated server.

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Thanks, yes, that’s what I thought about moving to a dedicated server (I installed it on a shared server), that’s why I was curious about SuiteCRM’s own hosting, because I thought if I’m going to pay for a dedicated server it might as well be their’s.

But if you have to pay for audits etc, that’s no good for my purposes.

For speed, I don’t think an audit is required.

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I agree, I think telling me I need an audit is part of their sales pitch. It’s frustrating when what I want is a new, stable install of suiteCRM that isn’t too slow, but I can’t ascertain whether the starter suiteCRM hosted will work for me, because they keep trying to ‘upsell’ me rather than answering my questions.