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To All SuiteCRM Contributors

The last time as a Hobbysit that I did any programming was 10 years ago, but in frustration with the cost of hosting SugarCRM, the problems that were not being fixed due to Sugar’s. Led me to start looking at cost-effective, customisable solutions.

I looked at a number of packages including Salesforce, Zoho, vTiger and SuiteCRM.

SuiteCRM won out - although there is more functionality I would like to see liek Pricebooks - it is a fantastic solution.

I had several dramatice faikures - all of my own causing - but with the help of this forum and the orginal SUgar formus I have been able to create a very customised version that does an excellent job of meeting my needs.

I would like to give a great Vot of Thanks and Confidence in SuiteCRM as well as the following people and resources that have been invaluable in getting me up everytime I fell down
Jim - from the Forum
Will - from the Forum
Simbasys (Alpesh) - from the Forum (he wrote a great Custom Module for me with excellent Communication)


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I agree… I’m still getting my setup put together, but I’m really impressed by Suite. I LOVE the workflow module. It’s brilliant. :slight_smile:

Hopefully I’ll get to the point where I understand Suite as well as I do Wordpress. I can write custom Wordpress plugins without breaking a sweat. I’d like to do the same for Suite.

Can please you share your thoughts on Pricebooks ?

Hi Alpesh

I really like the idea of Price Books whereby you can create Special Pricing for specifc customers and/or customer categories.

The easiest way that I can think of doing it is setting a standard Price List (the existing Catalogue) - and then create a % discount option on teh Customer record so that when a quotation is done it uses the % discount to generate the correct price.


Create the options of multiple “Product Catalagues” that you can tie to Customer groups or specifc customers.

The benefit of Price Books is that you can have differential pricing for your quoting model based on standard products without the risk of someone having to keep a paper record and remember to use the correct discounts.

vTiger has quite a good Price Book system and as they are also a fork of SugarCRM it could be comptible without too much work.

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