SuiteCRM: Filter/Search Button are showing as BLANK

Hi Folks,

Is there any way to set Search/Filter and Column Chooser button to have a generic image, as in my system it is coming as Blank with the rectangular shape in middle.


What is your version of SuiteCRM? Did you upgrade recently?

In 7.10.2 there was a new icon-set, sometimes it takes a while for caches to invalidate and for new icons to appear. You can try some Admin / Repairs.

Try on a different browser, or on a different computer.

Apart from that, maybe a screenshot will help me see what you’re talking about.

Yes, I upgraded it from SugarCRM Community Edition, and my current version is 7.9.17.

Here, I am not able to attach the screenshot, so I have shared in drive, kindly check.


Those icons should definitely be there.

Try deleting directory “cache/themes” on your server, it will get recreated.

Then try in Admin / Repair

  • Quick repair and rebuild
  • other javascript related repairs

And Clear your browser cache.

Check any errors in your Browser’s Developer Console.