SuiteCRM Downloading documents Cpanel

Hi everyone,

I uploaded my SuiteCRM project on Cpanel hosting with a subdomain.

When im trying to download a Document, it show me a 500 Internal Server Error.

In the Suitecrm.log, shows this error: Bad subpanel definition, it has incorrect value for get_subpanel_data property aos_contracts_documents

How to resolve this?

Thank you all!

(sorry for my english)

I recently had this problem of 500 error on document download and I switched from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.0 and it solved the problem.

Not sure if this is your exact issue or not.

SuiteCRM or any other type of similar system is not suited for shared hosts, you should get a VPS if you want to avoid these types of error. That error means that probably a library is missing in the apache configuration, you will need to ask your host company to check the apache logs and help you to identify the problem.

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@mikebeck just using this thread to message you - if you have any time to help out here in the forums these next days, I would really appreciate it. I will be away until the middle of next week, so even if you can only do an answer or two every now and then, it will be quite helpful. Thanks in advance!

Hello @pgr, congrats on the Moderator badge, sure, I’ll help in what I can.

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