Suitecrm documents contacts relationship not working

Suitecrm documents contacts relationship not working . I am creating a document and i want that document to be belong to particular contact (Documents Sub panel). But when i am creating a document and using relate field for contact then also it is not listing in particular contact.WHY ???
Anyone please answer .

If you go to Contacts module and Under Documents subpanel, can you choose the Select Option from Dropdown and navigate to the document you created and select it to see if does show up in the subpanel?

Thanks for getting back. But for example if i create task from task module and from flex relate field i select contact and choose one contact then that task directly goes to that contact activities sub panel . this is exactly i want in document section.

Please see this video this works fine for task. let me send you for documents.

See this won’t work for documents section

Please could you reply ASAP.

I want to collect the document at the time of task creation how can i add file type inside task module ?

I don’t like that delay when deploying the new Relate field in Studio, it seems something isn’t going right there.

Please try a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and a Repair Relationships.

And check your logs at the time of the deployment in Studio, there might be some errors there.

Why i case of task it is working fine? Please explain. My Task directly belongs to contacts (Sub panel Activities) then why not documents ?
I had done the quick repair and rebuild relationships but nothing happens.

I’m afraid I don’t have those answers :slight_smile:

Your logs might have them, though…

No Problem .Thanks for your support.

Hello can you please tell me why my relate field is not working in documents ? I want when i create document then that document belongs to which task for that i need relate field but my relate field is not working.Please guide