SuiteCRM displaying blank screen when importing Opportunities through CSV

I can import CSV files for accounts, Leads, and Contacts just fine. Though when I try to import for Opportunities I get a blank white screen when going to the field mapping screen in the wizard. This is accompanied with a 500 error with no response. I was just wondering if anyone has ran into this issue before.

I’ve read a few other issues that others had that were similar but they didn’t help in solving my issue.

What is the file size of your uploaded CSV?

I ended up solving this. The file size was 1 MB. The header of the CSV was an issue and causing a blank screen and some of the data in the csv wasn’t mapping over. I figured an error would show for the data since it did for lead, accounts and contacts but it was just a blank screen. I had to upload without a header and then map everything over. I had to upload multiple times and not mapping some of the field to get all the data into suite crm.