SuiteCRM Demo with Admin Rights


Many users, specially the new ones, want to test SuiteCRM in all it’s glory before starting to migrate or begin their projects in SuiteCRM. Unfortunately, the demo provided by Sales Agility is limited to the user level only.
The best alternative has been Softaculous but people have been having issues to login into the demo. I found out the problem is the iFrame. For some reason it is preventing from login. To solve it, I asked the browser to display the frame only. Then, I was able to login and test as normal.

Here is the link (It will work as long as they have live in their site):
From there you can ask your browser to display the content of the iFrame only (tested in Firefox only)
In Firefox: Right click on Screen -> This frame -> Show Only This Frame

For other browsers you might need to check the source and get the working link from there




I guess it’s not working anymore!

Read the entire post. I got the link by displaying the content of the iFame only.

BTW. Link is updated now

I am getting a 500 error. How did you display the content of the iFrame?

I updated the original post. Please check answer there.



I guess you can go to the demo directly through this link
instead of the iframe hack

It works too.


When writing this post, the credentials for that demo are:

Admin Username: admin
Admin Password: pass