SuiteCRM configure mail error

I installed SuiteCRM 7.7.7 on Windows 10 with AppServ 8.5.0 (Apache 2.4.20, PHP 6.26 & 7.0.11, MySQL 5.7.15
The issue is that I can not configure mail. I have a mail system with "Other"provider and when I send the test mail I get the error following error:
Error: SMTP connect () failed.
I checked the link and nothing that says there seems to apply to my situation.
I also checked “Email settings - SMTP not working” ( which is the most complete thread I found and I was not able to make it work.
Any suggestion?
Many thanks in advance

So has it just failed to connect…

This could be down to actually the pc not physically being able to connect.

Can you do a simple test on the server, by trying to telnet to the SMTP port on the server. This will see if there is anything blocking it like firewall etc… either on the pc or somewhere on site.

this is an exchange test quide but still gives you the ideas.