SuiteCRM Community / Product Stage

Hi, I’m not very eloquent when writing on forums, but I’ll try for years and I 've been using SugarCRM for like 3 months I switch to SuiteCRM by the advantages .

He calls attention to the forum in Spanish and even a bit of English are arrested , I understand that SuiteCRM (maintained by Sales Agility ) launched a campaign on Kickstarter but no further information on the result or the next steps will be given in the development of more than SuiteCRM devroadmap in which neither sees movement . My specific question is

Is it worth it to continue rolling his eyes and especially SuiteCRM business support this project so interesting yet disturbing your future?

I hope someone can give me greater insight on the matter.


We failed to get the required Kickstarter funding so we cannot deliver the 100 enhancements in 100 days but we will continue to support and develop SuiteCRM all be it at a slower pace.