website has a font bug’s body tag has the font set as: “”, Arial, sans-serif;

As a result, I have discovered that if you put a blank font as the first preference, as you have with “”, firefox will default to the first installed font.

I am a developer/designer and as a result I’ve got like 1000 wacky fonts installed. As a result this makes your website unreadable. Every time I load a page I have to open the developer window and manually change the fonts on the body tag.

Can you please fix the stylesheets for so that the body tag font syntax is proper, such as: Arial,sans-serif; without the “”,? Thank you.

Hi, this bug still exists, and it is a really easy thing to fix… it would take less than 5 minutes.

I could fix it for you, if you don’t have someone with time to tackle it…?

So now we can finally understand this related post!
suitecrm maybe great sw, but its website font is terrible!

Hope it get solved by webmaster!

I certainly hope so… blaming a bug in the stylesheet on the end user is really lame. Proper CSS does not allow for empty font declarations such as font-family: “”;

I don’t mean to be pushy but this has been an issue for weeks and it takes less than 5 minutes to fix, it should have been fixed already.

That bears repeating, again, it should have been fixed already. It requires no more than 5 minutes with devtools and an extremely simple edit to the CSS… why hasn’t it been fixed already?

This is actually a really serious bug and I don’t think you guys are taking it seriously.

I located the bug and told you how to fix it like a week ago, it’s a bug that has existed for several weeks, possibly months, and it makes the website look like junk.

Has your web developer abandoned the project? I would be happy to fix it myself, I build websites professionally. I would have fixed it by now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you now check the font is showing as expected?

It is fixed! Thanks so much, you guys are awesome! :wink: