SuiteCRM + CDmon + cron


I have a system on a cdmon hosting and I have to configure the cron through the web administration panel, but it turns out that the schedulers are not running in the crm. I have already configured the web user in the config.php but nothing. Any suggestions on this?

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Try providing the full path to your PHP executable

something like

instead of just

Hello pgr, thanks for answering

In the configuration of the hosting cron it says that it must be accessible from the web therefore I have put: https: //site_url/cron.php but it does not work.

SuiteCRM has a mechanism to stop cron-php calls coming from web server, not CLI. If that is what is blocking you, you will find a message in your logs saying something like “cron.php is CLI only”.

If you want to disable that check, you’ll find many posts online explaining how.

EDIT: Note that allowing your cron to be called from the web exposes you to attacks - people can bomb your server with those requests. But for most people this threat will be highly unlikely and might be willing to risk it.

Hello pgr,

It is exactly what you indicate. Thank you very much for your help.