SuiteCRM Call Center Module

[size=3] SuiteCRM Asterisk integration improves efficiency of your phone communication by giving you more information and more options for each call you make or receive.Gives you an utterly new experience of effective phone communication right in your SugarCRM or SuiteCRM and drives your business processes to advanced standards. All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded and available for any kind of further analysis like callinize. SugarCRM Asterisk Integration or SuiteCRM Asterisk Integration or sugarcrm asterisk dialler or Asterisk SugarCRM or Asterisk SuiteCRM provides click to call, call logs, popups, call history like callinize. This will provides complite Call Center Solution or Call Center Software SugarCRM Custom Module.[/size]

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Features of SugarCRM Asterisk Caller

  1. Click to call.
  2. Caller info pop-up window for incoming call generated with Sugar data if the phone number already exists in any lead, contact or account.
  3. New incoming phone numbers can be easily processed to a lead,Case, contact or account.
  4. Every incoming or outgoing call is automatically logged and recorded into SugarCRM / SuiteCRM according to its standards and attached to the corresponding account/ lead/ account.
  5. Save Notes.
  6. User can create new Task related to Call.
  7. Automatic Relation with Lead , Account, Contacts or Case.
  8. Call Pop up Show Previous Call Description.
  9. Complete Call history can save in crm.
  10. Record link can save in crm
  11. Call Hang Up and Transfer call from Call Pop up.
  12. Works perfectly both with land lines (with SIP-functions) and soft phones.
  13. Company and user dashboards

Download From HERE

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