SuiteCRM(Bitnami)local installed-- can I install an App for Android Mobile ?

I have Bitname SuitsCRM 6.5.3 and as NEW USER wonder if I can install an Account/Contact/…APP for Samsung Android Phone.
or should I first update to an CLOUD version ??


I’m not sure I understand, but let me try to answer…

Do you really have SuiteCRM 6.5.3? Or do you mean SugarCRM 6.5.3? Or SuiteCRM 7.5.3?

There is an Android app called QuickCRM, you can check if they are compatible with that version.

The issue of having a local install vs a cloud install is only relevant to know how you can access your server from the Internet.

A cloud install should always be available. A local install can mimic that only if you leave your server always on, and open ports in your router to let the outside world see your server, and you get some way of addressing it via a direct IP address or a domain name you set up for that purpose. It sounds complicated but it is what I do for my test installations.

Sorry I mean SuiteCRM 7.6.4 local installed., I think an open link from my localserver is risky, so i think i am trying to
install also, on other computer a cloud SuiteCRM version, for testing.

Thanks anyway, it really helped me.