SuiteCRM behind Reverse proxy Ngnix

Hi All,
I installed yesterday SuiteCRM 8.61 and everything is working fine.
Now I would like to reach it via our internal reverse proxy, running with Nginx. I didn’t find any official documentation or other topics in this forum helpful. There are a couple of topic with more or less the same problem, but not really helpful.

Is there someone that manage this scenario and can give me some hints?

Thanks in advance

What is use of reverse proxy? How do we use it?

Hi @rsp, that’s a good question and depends from several factor. I should explain you my whole software and network infrastructure. If you want understand more about reverse proxy , you could start asking google or chatgpt “why a company should use the reverse proxy?” There you can find already some good inputs. But like a say, depends from the whole network architecture.


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