SuiteCRM Azure Web App


Can anyone provide installation steps to install SuiteCrm on Azure?

My ISP has constant outages and makes sense to have it in azure if I have an active subscription.


hi LL,

Did you ever get an answer ?
I"m thinking about doing the same thing too , as in putting SuiteCRM in Azure.

Apparently there’s a bitnami stack SuiteCRM on UBuntu that you can put on Azure.

Installing SuiteCRM is not that hard. Just download the files and place at your server installation directory, usually inside public_html folder. Then hit the URL from the browser.

Suppose you have Domain and its pointed to the public_html folder on your server. You extracted all the files from the suitecrm zip into public_html folder
such that you see list of files/folders extracted from the zip. Now go to your domain URL in browser and hit This will start the installation process for SuiteCRM.

The above process applies to all normal installations. If there are any Permissions issues or you don’t know the DB credentials please ask your hosting providers. If you face any other issues, you can search forum as it has many many answers regarding installation issues.