SuiteCRM and Server Errors Finder: Free SuiteCRM Plugin

A Free Extension called “SuiteCRM and Server Error Finder” will inform you when there is an error on the Server or in SuiteCRM.

You will receive it instantly at your Email address. You don’t need to share access to the entire Developers team to go through the Error log files.

There is no requirement to share access from now. Best of all, a user can create various Settings to get Error notifications.

  • You are free to choose any Error notification you want on your desired Email address.
  • The extension will unlock all the errors from the server log files and SuiteCRM log files.
  • The Path Field to find errors can be editable too. Change according to your Server configuration.
  • Apart from error notification, a user will also receive a Report of all errors at the end of the day.

Hi @brucemcIntyre

I have a quick question.

Will it show all the errors just like in the Server log file or we can choose which errors we want in our emails, for example, FATAL or Runtime Errors.


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Hi @AustinTurner

We have given an option that allows you to choose which errors you want on your email.

For example, we have selected “php7 error” in Apache and “FATAL” errors in the SuiteCRM log file.

You can enter any error type and only it will be sent to the email address.

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