SuiteCRM and Git


I’m working on customization of SuiteCRM, and want to use Git in my work, but i have some problems with it. For example, i need to create relationship between Cases and Invoices. When i create it in Admin/Studio - system make about 90 changes in different files, and of course i cannot manage them via GIT.

What is the “Right way” of using SuiteCRM with Git? How to add relationship using code in one file, without manipulations in studio?

Thanks a lot!

You can do everything you do in Studio by manipulating files, but it takes some learning and often is not the easiest way.

Read Jim Mackin’s eBook “SuiteCRM for Developers” to learn more.

Anyway, why do you say “of course i cannot manage them via GIT”?

In theory i can manage them by Git, but practically it’s too hard to watch for so many files, and it’s absurd to commit 90 files after adding one new field, for example

I’m wondering if those 90 files are really just adding one field. It doesn’t make much sense because you can do it by hand and change only one, or two files. It depends on whether you have many labels and how many languages you’re keeping.

Anyway, the benefits of Git are too big for you to give up on it. I believe not every Studio change will have as much impact as the one you saw, and I’m sure that, even so, Git can handle it. Git stores only the differences between files, not the entire files.

And some people actually, even database changes, to make sure they have a process that can be automated.