SuiteCRM and Asterisk

Hi all,

Did anyone tried to integrate Callinize module to Suite?
This is well known highest rated asterisk integrator for all versions on Sugar.
I spent many many days trying to get it work, but still have no call notification pop-ups.

All module’s configuration is correct and rechecked hundred times.

My last opinion is compatibility issue with Suite’ theme or something alike.

So my question is
Did anyone tried and made it. And if yes, how did You managed it.


no one cares?

Have you tried getting support from the Module developer?

Any SugarCRM module should be okay within SuiteCRM. Any details provided in logs, permissions set appropriately?

Also please note I do not use this, but thought I would reply all the same.

Hi describe your issue… it’s better to help u. Callinize is integrated with Asterisk module and simple to set… :wink: