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SuiteCRM 8 - Q & A

imo For List View something like data tables should be incorporated. They are fast in terms of searching, sorting and very customisable. List View pagination should not reload the whole page.

Other suggestion that i have is to get some good PDF library that can be customised easily in order to generate fancy PDFs. Having an option to generate Word Doc in detail view would be a great addition too.


Thanks for the answer.

However this makes me raise another question: in SuiteCRM 7 certain preferences can be personalised only one user at a time by logging into each single user.

From your reply I understand that this preference can be chosen one user at a time.

Are you considering to introduce a functionality for Admin users to modify preferences for all or a selection of users at once? It would be a fantastic improvement!

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it will be intereting to see how much of Suite8 will be natively developed and how much will be stiched together using other componmnets or libraries. If you look at SUgar 7/8/9/10 you can see an IMHO perfectly bad example on taking all potentially available and stitching it together. Sounds appealing in the beginning but turns into a nightmare when it comes to keeping up to date with releases because the dependencies are sooner or later hard to manage.

Our approach in bulding SpiceCRM onm angular was to limit the reuse of libraries to a minimum. Also if this meant developing featuzres like a calendar from scratch . Also if you look at the fact that the current aplha preview of Suite8 is still on angular8 this is where the issues starts. google is moving rapdily fast with angular pushing at least one to two major releases per year and minor releases almost every month.

the other problem witch such ready made libraries or tools is that it will not fit from stylöe and will make a solution look like a patchwork. And last bnut not least they typically lack in teh final stages some features that are missing but specific to the product you are building.

it is an interesting journey.

Hi, is here any plan for migration from v7 to v8 ???.. I saw that in Q3 should exist beta v8. Will there some initial version testing the migration :slight_smile:

Hi Dale,

When SuiteCRM 8 is released; does the 7.11.x version become the new LTS version or does 8 release with LTS and rolling release threads (or something else entirely)?
The reason I ask is that 7.11 introduced the Google 2-way calendar sync feature but our policy is to use the LTS version (so we are still on 7.10.x).


I have more or less the same question as this user in another post

We are now preparing to migrate all our system to SuiteCRM. We will need some fixes, new modules, customizations, etc. And we plan to have everything ready in november or december 2020 (aprox). So the question is… Should we go NOW with all our effort for tunning a SuiteCRM v7 or should we wait for SuiteCRM v8.

Yes many things should be compatible or updatable easily, but it has no sense to work now and then re-work to adapt to the v8 version.
I know v8 has been delayed several times, but it looks that now is really near… @pgr talks about the end of this year (in this post) and the official roadmap doesn’t tell a lot about release dates.

So the question is in the air again… should a company go for v7 and deploy a personalized system in Nov/Dec or is the v8 release close enough to be patient and start to work with v8 directly and avoid migration problems?
v8 aprox realease in Q4 2020?.. Q1 2021 maybe?.. Later?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Ok, I suppose this link and also this one with a demo makes me feel that ti’s even more near to become a reality.

Anyway, we still talking about “2nd SuiteCRM 8 Alpha released”, but how about the Beta before the final release. Everything before the end of 2020? It would be great.

Will be SuiteCRM 8.0.0 (the very first stable version to be launched) stable enough to start from the scratch? The obvious answer maybe it’s that future new versions with new fixes will be coming from time to time, but we still thinking which could be the best option… Start with an near-to-deprecate but super stable 7 version or maybe waiting a little bit and go for a brand-new-and-maybe-inestable 8 version with a good potential to be much better in a few months


my 2cts … until you will see a production ready system with a certain level of completness and stability when it comes to concepts and implementation it will be 2022 or 2023. Currently there is a first alpha release. No coding has been released and there are significant tasks ahead. Starting from basics in gettings things like a basic list view ready, then edit views and record views. Making the cokplete thing customizuable and configurable. Making it extendible. Testing and proofing t. Porting all current features.

I might be wrong but lets see what reality will bring.

Hi peeps!

That’s more Q & As added the original post. Keep asking questions as it helps others in the community have a clearer picture of what to expect in the coming months!

Just to follow up on a few other points.


For the charts we have on the roadmap to support filters and the full record set (unfiltered). The Alpha Preview II did not include both.


Thanks for the suggestion. We are currently using CDK tables following a reactive design with the data provided separately via API. Noted the loader does appear to look like loading the full page, but in fact it is loading only data – something we have raised with the development team to resolve in the future sprints.

Regards to the PDF library, as part of this whole exercise and development is reviewing the current libraries we have and identifying how and what needs to be upgraded, dropped or added. I’ve noted down the word doc generation.


It always comes down to the phrase “it often depends”. In a SuiteCRM project I would recommend making a call based on how heavily customised is the system. Are there alot of the front end customisations i.e. javascript injections, new radical views etc. If they are, then since SuiteCRM 8 will be focusing on that then potentially it would be best to wait at least to see how much needs to be adapted (from a beta or release candidate release) . You will also have to potentially consider the learning curve of a new language to best utilise the new framework so in my suggestion would be that you work with what you have, whether this is SuiteCRM 7, and trickle into your future schedule POCs on the newer framework and review at certain milestones i.e. pre-production release, launch, and post launch.

Regards to the backend customisations those customisations will be more likely take minimal effort to upgrade so that would be another win to just get started on SuiteCRM 7 and easily transfer over when your team are ready to SuiteCRM 8 based on the review points of the project.

Of course we will always be here to help our users to migrate, as said earlier, with as much direct input as possible :slight_smile:


Of course there are many tasks ahead, but we are loving the challenge. Since we are open source and thus collaborative there may be smaller delays but these delays are to be expected as they represent the review and influence that our community has on the software development cycle. If we didn’t take on board our members comments, then we would just be source available not open source.

Thanks again everyone for your comments and interaction on this thread. :smiley:


can you point us towards the repository where the alpha code is maintained? In the sense of open source that woudl be very interesting.

PS: there are several other Open Source CRM solutions as well … :slight_smile: … some also built using SugarCRM and Angular … :slight_smile:

I know one, but I wouldn’t go near it… costs a bunch of money, their Community is so dead that they go out posting on the Forums of other CRM’s, whining about the fact that this project doesn’t follow the strategy options and the community management that didn’t work for them… :man_shrugging:

Q: Where is the public repository? Where will it be hosted?

We are still ironing out certain fundamental aspects and POCs (proof of concepts) before publishing our code to our GitHub repo. We plan to publicly release the codebase in our beta phases.

I would like to bring to your attention that we have already stated that we will supply the source code at the beta release. Whether the code is released in alpha, beta, release candidate or at another milestone the key aspect of “open” in open source software is the ability to collaborate, not that the code was available from conception.

I would like to also address to our community in that we have had to take action against a particular user of our forums ( I wouldn’t describe this user as a member of our community) for violating our code of conduct. We have always acted in good faith with other communities by being relatively community agnostic since we do maintain a large and active project. But unfortunately it has come to light that some other communities have taken advantage of our good will and purposely, and repetitively, antagonised the efforts of our team for their own agenda.

Here at SuiteCRM we always encourage constructive feedback, including comparisons to other projects, but when the intent is to consciously detract from the project , especially in order to benefit them, rather than seek to help improve then that becomes a problem that affects the morale of our community.

But thankfully these incidences are rare as we have such a wonderful array of community members all being respectful to each other and helping out. Big shout out to our members that understand what we are all here for and in making this an enjoyable place to converse :heart:


Thank you for your answers, @samus-aran
Maybe we could feed the FAQ with a little set of questions.

Will SuiteCRM 8.0 have… ??

  • An encrypted native field type to work with sensitive information that is needed to be saved protected
    (related info)

  • A native way to save a file server path (URL field type not work with them). I mean, a field where you can save something like “\myfileserver\folderA\file123.docx” and it becomes in a clickable link to a file that opens Microsoft Word… or maybe save something like “\myfileserver\folderB” and it becames in a clickable link that opens “Windows Explorer” in that specific or folder.

  • A native field type to work in the same way as the multi-email in contacts (related info)

More questions to come in the future… hehehe :slight_smile:

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Any update on the Alpha preview III? mentions 15 Oct 2020.


Glad to hear today that SuiteCRM 8 Alpha III is out for preview.

One thing that immediately caught me is that Is the Quick Create Menu on TOP RIGHT Configurable? In Existing versions its hard coded into TPLs which is very bad as if you disable the module, the Create Option is still there.

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Hi! Is url the same ?
I have got 404.

You can complete the form for access the third SuiteCRM 8 Alpha Preview

Then, you’ll recieve the new link :+1:


I read somewhere that Alpha III is going to be in 2 versions a and b?? what are the updated timelines for the releases as alpha 3 was delayed from Oct1 to 15 and then released on 19 October.

When can we expect beta 1 for testing??


Will change in core include improvements in upload/management of files like configure some directory structure based on modules or new directory create based on month etc?

Hey @Dale !
I’m a dev resposnible for customizations and new functionality of SuiteCRM in my company.
I had a glance and alpha preview and I love what you guys are doing.
That being said, I’m curious if you have any detailed information on ETA of 8?
I looked at roadmap and any threads I could find in Google but didn’t find any specifics there apart from 2020, Q4.
I expect that it might be delayed due to what’s been going on this year in the world?
Any answer is welcome.