SuiteCRM 8 - Q & A

Thank you for good news :slight_smile: Symfony with the API PLATFORM is great choice.
I have those questions: (sorry for English)

  1. You will inject Angular directly as View layer or will implement by Twig template engine?
  2. Will possible using the SuiteCRM 8 with API Platform as Headless CRM ? (that means custom applications based on API Platform + Core ) without interact with Angular UI but can work only by API in other aplications and there can be created the views layers that v8 can stay in position as middleman or heavylifter.
  3. Implemented will Symfony 4.4+ ? or i hope for Symfony 5(means Symfony 4.4 without deprecated code) because the development will take few years and for this time will version 4 outdated
  4. SecurityGroups will there as full usable part or will still need proprietorially software if you’re middle or bigger company.
  5. will current buggy PHPMailer v7 displaced by Symfony/Mailer in v8?
  6. If you posted this informations about V8 here, should you create new post that can know whole world whats will going on in alfa version?
  • @TLi had good points also :slight_smile:

That is an impressive big agenda. You have even more guts than we had when we started our project. All the best - will be interesting to see the progress and how you implement that.

Keep up the great work. You got me really excited with this post.

Thank you for all the great work in the past and ahead!

As all software projects need to upgrade, finally here is the big new from SuiteCRM. Really appreciate the decision to adapt to new framework.

One of the Main Concerns, which has been discussed previously in the community, is that Having a Solid Base before trying new changes. A major set back when SuiteCRM 7.0 was released was the Emails Module that had inherited bugs from the old days since Sugar CE and still isn’t reliable tool for marketers.

The slogan should be "Build on Strong Base " so hoping that V8 would have a solid Base and not inherit the previous leftover issue.


Thanks for the feedback so far. We are currently reviewing the questions asked and providing answers. I’ve updated the thread with progress so far and will continue to update as the answers are provided by the internal teams here.


Thanks everyone for your feedback. We’ve updated the OP to include the answers to your additional questions.

Feel free to keep this conversation going. :+1:

One of the biggest issues we have with Suite 7, is the theme and that it seems all over the place, with a lot of negative feedback from our customers and prospects alike. So it would be nice to know if we can expect a reworked theme with the new UI technology and if there will be ways to customize the theme. And if customization will be possible, to what extend. Will we be limited to custom css/less files or will there be a extendable full fledged template-engine in place, akin to handelbars.js

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It is very good news. We have been waiting for this new version for a long time with its new interface and its new functionalities. We hope to try it and give our contributions.

Thank you.

Wow, impressive list of changes. We have literally just starred working with SuiteCRM, currently importing accounts and contacts from an old Outlook BCM database. I’m assuming the upgrade to v8 will be pretty easy, correct? I’m in the process of creating all the customised fields from BCM into SuiteCRM and would like to keep all our current data.

Thank you for the good news. Will it possible to consume GraphQL API by third party app like REST API or V8?

@kyawtun from previous explanations I heard from the Team, the answer is yes, the new GraphQL API will be the same both to connect to the SuiteCRM Angular front-end, and to connect any other mobile app or integration you may want to do.


ohh this is like opening up a christmas present early. Or at least being able to know what you are getting.

Whoo hoo!


Angular has its own templkate mechanism. I am curious to see how the salesagility team will manage the configuration option and especially the extendability. The felxibility here is one of the weaknesses of angualr in my opinion after haviong developed our UI for the SUgarCRM Backend in Angfulkar for the last 4 years. We took significant efforts to make ther ui Metadata driven without needs to recompile, reppackaga or rebuild. And also allowing to flexibly add custom webcomponents and change the UI on the fly. But I am sure we will see how that comes along.

Great work and an ambitious plan!

I am very grateful to the great effort Salesagility had put in SuiteCRM all these years, I think SuiteCRM was a great software for many companies.

Nevertheless, I am thinking this is where we part ways, SuiteCRM is open source but not developed in a collaborative fashion, just like Sugar did, developing in the close, deciding everything internally or just with partners, it is really hard to see a bright “technological” future.

I wanted SuiteCRM 8 to be THE open source CRM but the community was never nourished appropriately and this took a toll on salesAgility as you guys had to solve everything yourselves.


Thanks for your honesty @mrbarletta and we understand your feeling. Being truly open source (not just source available as some of our competitors are) is tough and it takes alot of effort. There is still more we can do in regards to community collaboration and have a number of things in that pipeline.
Including, with SuiteCRM 8, we are planning to release the code in the later beta phases as documented above because this is when we will be asking for the collaboration on probably one of the most crucial aspects of the codebase and perhaps to the users - the extension framework. Our plans are grand, yes, we don’t mind the challenge, and part of the plan is, together with the community, work towards making the architecture as flexible as possible.

Every aspect of the product’s architecture can be extended. Providing a scalable and robust framework that customers, businesses and developers can depend on to build inspiring and custom-fit solutions.

So when the code is released in the few iterations of the pre-production releases we hope the members can join us then and collaborate with us. My PMs are open if anyone wants to further chat on aspects of community nurturing :relaxed:

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Hi SuiteCRM - Great work on Suite8 - best one yet!

The list view charts are special :slight_smile:

My question is more around the UI and specifically the top Menu structure

In current SuiteCRM 7.11 etc

Admin panel - Configure Module Menu Filters

System allows admin to group modules into menu filters

We have a number of clients with custom modules for events, networking etc and group the modules together

From initially looking at the Suite8 alpha it seems the menu has changed to a single module option with the action buttons

Depending on the client this new menu structure will work great, but not for all

I may have missed it in release notes etc but is there any plan to have both options in Suite8 for the menu structure?

Thanks in advanced :slight_smile:

Morning @TaufiqueAhmed - I’ve updated the Q&A with the answer to your question.

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the charts are funny but in this version if you ask me quite doubtful since it only represents what is displayed currently (the paginated records) and not the complete resultset. :slight_smile: … it also woudl be about time to give up on pagination and get into an infinite scroll …

Hi, i have two questions:

how could a User customize those beautiful List view Chart?

Are you planning to insert Charts or Reports Dashboard (AOR_Reports) into Detail View?

imo For List View something like data tables should be incorporated. They are fast in terms of searching, sorting and very customisable. List View pagination should not reload the whole page.

Other suggestion that i have is to get some good PDF library that can be customised easily in order to generate fancy PDFs. Having an option to generate Word Doc in detail view would be a great addition too.

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