SuiteCRM 8 installer locked


I’ve installed SuiteCRM 8 a week ago and I wanted to reinstall a new fresh one without all my test data. I’ve deleted files from server and all tables from database, and checked every step from the install document. When I finally execute the last command ./bin/console suitecrm:app:install I get this response:

SuiteCRM Silent Install

Running: check-install-lock
step: check-install-lock | status: failed
Installer locked. Stopping install process

I’m trying to (re)install it on CentOS 7 server, PHP 7.4.26, Mariadb 10.5,13, Apache 2.4.6

I can’t find info about this issue. Any idea to unlock installer?

Thanks in advance

Forget it. Solved. Thanks anyway.

Hi @pabloarias,

Welcome to the community! :wave: and thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8.

Glad you were able to solve it.