SuiteCRM 8 installation error :

After installation, the page reports error, and all problems point to: /SuiteCRM/public/legacy/cache/smarty/templates_c/*

Reset the system and install suiteCRM 8 again and the problem remains.

Hi @snminvip,

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You appear to have enabled stack tracing / PHP On-screen errors. Sometimes these are enabled via the host you using but normally can be configured. There is also a tick box inside of Admin SystemSettings which if you can turn them off also (this is normally only ticked if you do so via Suite, 90% chance its enabled from a different location and will need disabled there also)

None of these errors is critical and simple logging is displayed on the front end.

Let me know how you get on.

Replace php7 After 4, the error disappears and can be used normally.

@snminvip What PHP version are you using?