SuiteCRM 8 - Add management rules on custom field


I’m trying to add a management rules on custom fields.

We have 2 dropdown type custom fields (enum), “status” and “type”. When I choose the type 1, I want to have only statuses 1 and 2 in the dropdown list and when I choose type 2 I want to have only statuses 3, 4 and 5.
Here is the code I started writing in Vardefs :

$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['statut_c']['dependency'] = 'equal($type_c, "Type 1")';
$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['statut_c']['options'] = 'list1';
$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['statut_c']['required'] = true;
$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['statut_c']['readonly'] = false;
$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['statut_c']['visibility_grid'] = 'equal($type_c, "Type 1")';
$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['statut_c']['visibility_grid_enforced'] = true;
$dictionary['Contact']['fields']['statut_c']['visibility_grid_exclude'] = 'equal($type_c, "Type 2")';

It works for type 1 but I can’t get it to work for type 2 too.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Why not use Dynamic drop down for your status field?