SuiteCRM 8.5.1 Missing field on dropdown

I´m creating a workflow with Emails as “workflow module”. I need to create an Opportunity for each incoming email based in From field and use its body.

The problems:

  • I need to use From (of new email) as a condition, but this field don’t appear to be chosen in Conditions

  • I need to copy the body of email into the description of opportunity, but the body field don´t appear to be chosen in Actions.

How can I make these fields to appear in the respective dropdowns so they can be chosen?


SuiteCRM’s built-in workflows can’t directly use the email “From” field or body. Here’s how to achieve a similar result:

  1. Related Modules (Limited): Use related Leads/Contacts (if email addresses match) for conditions, but can’t populate Opportunity descriptions.

  2. Third-Party Integrations (More Flexible): Integrate email parsing tools to capture sender address and body content. Use extracted data for conditions and potentially populate custom Opportunity fields.

  3. Custom Workflows (Advanced): Develop custom workflows to access “From” field and email body directly (requires expertise).

  4. Alternative Workflow (Simpler): Create Opportunities but leave descriptions blank for manual population from emails.

Choose the approach that best suits your technical skills and resources.