Suitecrm 8.20quick create invalid

The quick button creation is invalid, click the new button in the upper right corner, the quick creation page does not pop up, or the detailed page. I don’t know how to fix it, thanks


Are you still having issues with this?

If so, could you provide some more information?

ie: PHP Version / Browser Used / Exact SuiteCRM8 version

Currently, in 8.1.3
If I click on New->Accounts, it will take me to the Account Module Create View, to create a new account.

What happens on your end when you click a module?

I still have this problem
I use: php 7.4
Browser used: chrome
suitecrm 8.2

I click the Quick Create button in the upper right corner to create a customer, and instead of a quick creation box, a detailed creation interface pops up.

Hey there

Thanks for getting back in touch!

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood, but that sounds like the expected functionality.

The current expected behaviour is:

  • Click on “Create”
  • Click on a Module Name
  • You are taken to the Create View of the Module you selected

As the button acts as a sort of Shortcut to that Module’s create-view.

I believe it works the same in SuiteCRM 7 too.

Do you typically see a different outcome, by chance?

If you would like to see it as part of the functionality, you could raise it as a suggestion, here:

(or, if I have indeed misunderstood, could you provide some more information?
ie; Screenshots / steps to replicate?)