SuiteCRM 7.9.8 works slow is it normaln? 4-6 sec delay to load any pages?

I have one question. I work with SuiteCRM Wersja 7.9.8 after upgrade from SugarCRM. My database has about 300mb. Is not big but i need to wait about 4 -6 second to login or load any page in application. Is it normal time for loading pages or long ? I think that sugar works faster then suite. I separated 1 gb of RAM and suitCRM used about 500 mb. I have local network with 1GB/s transfer on switches.

What should i do to suitCRM work a little faster? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
or maybe is normal and acceptable operation time of the application ?

SuiteCRM is faster, not slower, than SugarCRM (at least, SugarCRM 6.5 CE).

Normally issues like your are caused by some specific problem, once solved, it works fast again. But it could be many different things, like a faulty disk, or an anti-virus on the server, or caching problems, or…

Try the query on the top of this post:

This will show you if yo have any problematic overgrown tables. There was a bug with “reminders” table that caused large delays, it’s already fixed, but maybe your version still has it.

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Thanks for your anwer :slight_smile:
I paste this query and it looks good. I dont have any overgrown tables ;/ So maybe this “reminders”, how can i check or where can i check in which version suitecrm this table is bugged ?

So i find soulition. Version 7.9.8 updated to the newest 7.10.7. Now its perfect, time to load about 1 sec. perfect

Yeah that was probably the bug I mentioned, it’s fixed after 7.9.8. Thanks.