SuiteCRM 7.9.8 Upgrade to 7.9.9 or 7.9.10 Subsequent Login Problems

I have never had any issues in performing a SuiteCRM upgrade however after upgrading 7.9.8 to either 7.9.9 or 7.9.10 it is impossible to login as admin or any other user.

I have attached an upgrade log file.

Any assistance welcome.

Maybe you’re getting a known issue affecting users of the SuitePImproved theme. If you’re using that, you need to disable it. It seems there is also another add-on to customize log in screens, which is also incompatible, but I don’t remember the exact name.

There are many threads explaining ways to work around that issue, try some Googling, it should be easy now that you have this clue.

Thanks for the pointers. Followed your instructions and resolved the issue. Case closed.