SuiteCRM 7.8.7 strips any text in angle brackets

I have just upgraded to 7.8.7 from 7.7.8

I have found a major issue for me

Any text enclosed in angle bracketss is deleted on save

So if you entered TEST TEST and saved you will be left with TEST TEST
if you enter TEST <test TEXT then you get TEST

This is the same for input boxes and text boxes

How can I fix this ?

It is caused by a change to include/clean.php

I copied back clean.php from 7.8.5 and it fixes the issue - IMO a major bug

I think it could be the same issue as reported here:

only you claim it’s a general problem for every field, not just on the Calls module (which makes sense if the bug comes from include directory).

That release was for security fixes, and there were changes to the code that tries to keep people from inserting malicious HTML through data fields. But this seems to be needing improvement… can you please check that Issue and post your findings there? Thanks

yup looks to be the same issue