SuiteCRM 7.8.3 Query Failed on install

I am currently trying to install SuiteCRM 7.8.3 on to my shared hosting. Once the files have been unzipped I go to the install.php and all checks state OK. I then continue and fill in the database and admin login details and continue. The page then displays the installing page but then either hangs or times out, then I get an Internal Server error if try to reload the page or try to open index.php. The sugarcrm.log file is showing the below:

Fri May 5 09:23:12 2017 [63416][-none-][FATAL] Query Failed: SELECT id FROM aow_workflow WHERE aow_workflow.flow_module = ‘ACLActions’ AND aow_workflow.status = ‘Active’ AND (aow_workflow.run_when = ‘Always’ OR aow_workflow.run_when = ‘On_Save’ OR aow_workflow.run_when = ‘Create’) AND aow_workflow.deleted = 0 : MySQL error 1146: Table ‘ACMESALES.aow_workflow’ doesn’t exist

This is repeated 328 times. I have checked the database and the installation has created all the tables including the table being queried but the table contains no data.

If there is anyone who can help shine some light on this issue it would be greatly appreciated.



I’m having the same issue on 7.8.8. Does anyone have any ideas?