SuiteCRM 7.5 Released

SuiteCRM 7.5 is the latest cutting edge release now available to download.

This release focuses on enhancing the reports module, with other enhancements and improvements to the core CRM. A full list is detailed below:

  • Cleaner Reports Interface - Making the report writer and results view more user friendly and less cluttered.
  • OR Conditions - Improving your ability to refine results using a mixture of OR as well as AND logical operators.
  • New Charting Engine - Present your report results using eye catching configurable charts to clearly communicate your intended metrics.
    [li]Grouped Reports View - Grouped Reports view, including dashlets, which can be expanded/collapsed and grouped on multiple fields./li]- Custom file removal - Removing a large volume of files from the custom directory ensuring only required custom files remain.
  • Formatting Options - Display dates and other key fields in a format effective for your audience

Thanks to everyone who contributed so far.

All input is welcome.

The SuiteCRM Team.

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