SuiteCRM 7.3 Beta

SuiteCRM 7.3 Beta, the latest cutting edge and unstable release is now available to download

This Release should Not be used in a Production Environment

This release gives you the chance to try out new features coming in 7.3 including inline editing, desktop notifications and improved mobile navigation!

It also give you the opportunity to contribute to the project by providing feedback, finding/fixing bugs or to contribute to the development of SuiteCRM 7.3.

Click here to download and find out more (upgrade pack also available)

Thanks to everyone who contributed so far.

All input is Welcome.

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Awesome news thanks Will,

Any updates on the other items which were originally scheduled for 7.3? Volume Based Discounts, Price Book Per Customer etc.



:ohmy: I am also want to know – is there any update news about version 7.3? :whistle:

I would like to know if there will be an upgrade from 7.3Beta to 7.3

It is important to know this so that we can organise in advance for a way to port customisations.

Thank you.


we’d like do use suiteCRM in our company. A central module will be the products-module.

In this context the scheduled items for 7.3 “Volume Based Discounts” and “Price Book Per Customer” are very important for us.

Is there any planned release-time especially for this both functions?
I don’t like to make the other customizations in the products and other modules before I tested this functions.

Thank you.