SuiteCRM 7.11.22 to 7.12 HTTP500 on users login, blank management at admins view

Hi and Good Day,

today i tried to install 7.12 on nginx, php7.4-fpm, mariadb debian host, installation went good after fixing the php7.4 requirement in manifest.php.

But after i relogin the admin doesn’t have a viewable management view (everything else seems to be ok), and users (auth by ldap) is going to a http 500 error. Does someone already seen this issue, is there already a fix for that?

Also when trying to to a repair upgrade (backupped system) by cli it says there is an issue with Google_Collection, therefore missing

ERROR: Class ‘Google_Collection’ not found in /var/www/suitecrm/vendor/google/apiclient-services/autoload.php:21

Thanks in advance

HI Chris
I see you’ve been on the forum in the past too - so you’re probably pretty familiar with Suite set ups. Have you upgraded between versions in the past, for example?
So my initial advice may not help you, possibly.

Maybe you can share with us what you have already tried to solve this one - and what version you run in production that is OK (and what OS / HP version etc)

That Fatal error has been seen before where the vendor folder has not been updated correctly. We suggest you delete the vendor folder and re-run composer install via cli :+1:

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I will give it a try thanks

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