SuiteCRM-7.11.20 Error Creating or Editing item in all modules (Account, Contact, User, Opportunity etc.)

I’ve installed and re-installed SuiteCRM several times on my company’s shared hosting platform, but there’s this nagging issue whenever I try to create or edit any item from Account to User. Whenever I click the button to create or edit an item, the page either fails to render well and displays errors as shown in the attached image, or I get an error popup with the message “There was an error processing your request, please try again at a later time.”

I’ve disabled Ajax for several modules, but this has not worked. I’d appreciate some help resolving this.

I installed via softaculous.

Thanks in advance.

You may need to follow these steps for fixing issues.

  1. open index.php file and put these 2 lines at top.


  2. open config_override.php and put this to bottom

$sugar_config['disableAjaxUI'] =true;

Now whenver you navigate to CRM, it will throw all errors and you need to fix all errors one by one.



Hi Ashish,

Thanks for the quick response.
However, changing the PHP version solved it.