SuiteCRM 7.1.3 Lucene full-text search don't index Russian language elements

We have tried to use a full-text search o demo, but it succeeds only in Latin symbol’s words. I added some records in Russian and haven’t find them after indexing.
I think using of Zend_Search_Lucene_Analysis_Analyzer_Common_Utf8_CaseInsensitive in indexing and searching would be a solution here.


By demo do you mean This is currently on version 7.1.1 which doesn’t index non latin characters. This was fixed in 7.1.2 and should now support indexing UTF-8.


My Env is: Windows 7 Pro x32, apache22, php 5.3.27, mysql 5.6, SuiteCRM 7.1.3
SuiteCRM scheduler working by means of Windows Task Planner every 5 minutes - I see report of task’s exec in SuiteCRM. Indexing passed.
I’ve checked the same on a local copy v7.1.3 but it fails. I’ve added English named account and Runnian named account, started indexing, checked search results.
If you can try to Add account with name in Russian, e.g. “Газпром” run index task, wait for completion and try search it then.


I can confirm this. AOD is not indexing Greek Chars, latin are OK , Standard search is OK for both Greek and Latin. Only issue is (don’t know if it is designed like this) it does not seach partial text eg. if telephone is 2810333333 and you seach for 3333 it shows no result , seaching for 2810 shows result

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Note that I am running 7.1.3

Do you plan any corrections?