SuiteCRM 7.0.0 Released!

SalesAgility is pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of SuiteCRM (, the open source CRM alternative to SugarCRM Professional Edition.

SuiteCRM comprises the latest release of SugarCRM Community Edition as the foundation of the application suite. SalesAgility has developed reporting, workflow, quotes, products, security and portal extensions that enable SuiteCRM to deliver the functionality that was previously only found in the proprietary, paid-for editions of SugarCRM. SuiteCRM also includes new functionality for event management and mapping that is not available in SugarCRM.

SuiteCRM is completely open source with a traditional foundation governance model to ensure best practice support, development and contribution management. SuiteCRM is free to download, modify and distribute. SuiteCRM also provides an open source alternative to CRM applications such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics.


Hello, Every one.

I am really exited on the release of SuiteCRM. Now i can have all the suagrs of SugarCRM Professional version for free and Open Sourced. Thats Just awesome. Love to work in this community and will try make SuiteCRM de-facto Open Source CRM.

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Thanks for the release.

Already installed and working on it. It looks great!

Open source prevails…

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Thanks, now waiting for upgrade path from SugarCRM CE to SuiteCRM :slight_smile: