Suite8 - Custom fields in custom module not showing in front end

I have a custom module called ‘Site’ that contains the site address of a project, which i have added custom fields to over time.

After upgrading to Suite8, these custom fields do not show in the frontend, but they are shown in studio and in the vardefs.

This makes the module unusable. Is there a special way to deal with this in suite8?


Hello @Bungle,

Were there any errors at the time of deployment?
Also try running a “Quick Repair and Rebuild”, it may solve the problem.

Thanks Harsh,

no errors, and I’ve ran QR several times.

I’ve just noticed that if the Sync to Detail View is selected, then custom fields show up in the frontend.
It looks as though the Edit and Detail views have to be the same, or the detail view takes priority?

Suite 8 doesn’t really have Edit views and Detail views, it has a single Record view that combines both.

I guess Studio doesn’t know about this yet…

You could try using that module as a legacy view.

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Thanks so much pgr, that’s what it was!