Suite P Theme Display Issues

I just installed a clean instance of version 7.7.5. The Suite P Theme does not display correctly. I have tried on several browsers (Firefox on Ubuntu, Safari on Mac, Chrome, FF on Windows). The result is always a messed up display. I am attached one screenshot taken on Safari on Mac.

What actually is messed up? If you clear MY and search again any records would show? Now if the it’s vertical like that then yes something is wrong.

I hope you were able to see the screen shot I attached. It is not just the “My” showing inside the box. The box itself covers the word “Opportunities”. Also look at the layout. I don’t think that is how it is supposed to be. This is just one example. Many other screens are also having the same problem. The problem is the theme and not some permission settings, because other themes work well.

I see what your saying. I am not experiencing the same problems you are. Hopefully someone can jump in with any suggestions.

The solution that I have adopted is “go back” to the old theme. I would appreciate if somebody can post the reason as to why this is happening and perhaps a solutions as well.