Suite Email Setup with 1&1


I am using the community edition and am having problems setting up my email. I’m using a 1&1 account and cannot get it to accept the incoming and outgoing mail settings.

I’m setting it up in Admin/ Email Settings but get the following message when I set it up.

Error:SMTP Error: The following recipients failed: myemailaddress

I need to be able to send emails from within Suite and add staff members with staff emails.

Can anyone help please?



Hi Iain,

You need to ensure you have the full credentials for your mail server.

Checking the sugarcrm.log can help debug.



My system is happily using 1&1 for mail services, so I know it is possible.

AT what point does the error appear? Before or after you click the test settings button?

Hi thanks for responding.
The problem occurs when I click the send test email button.

I’m using the following settings;

I’m using as my email address.

SMTP Mail Server: should I be using or

The error message has a button in the bottom right hand corner saying: undefined

Sorry Iain, I missed your update.

Here is a screenshot of my SMTP settings which work flawlessly.

Hi Sorry for the delay in replying. The settings still did not work and its still saying the same error message after I click Send Test Email.

Error:The following From address failed:

Do I have to set anything else up first? Should this not be really straight forward?