Suite CRM Sync with other CRM software

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We have currently implemented the SuiteCRm in our organisation and we have another CRM software that acts as the data source for our organisation.

Now we want to sync SuiteCRM important entities like leads, customer, contacts etc… to the other crm software and some data from the existing CRM to the Suite CRM.

So we need both way data sync.

Please help me is there some plugins for data sync is developed or some techniques to achieve this task.

Please help me how to achieve this task.

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Look into using the REST API you can sync both ways with that. It will require some custom coding. This topic has been covered many times before if you search the forums :wink:

I have some logic hooks that syncs stuff between two SuiteCRM instances, you need to read two things

Logic hooks, these are for executing code in the SuiteCRM instances

REST API, this is for writing/reading to/from SuiteCRM

Search for examples in those documentations

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