Suite-CRM issue

Hi Team,

we have SuiteCRM instance with below version :
Version 7.11.8
Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

On this instance we have below fields:
account_status_c – Organisation Abacus Status --(DropDown)
name – Organisation Name – (Name)
address_state_c – Address State – (TextField)
address_add_on_c – Address Add on – (TextArea)

We are trying to rename it from below two paths:
a. Admin --> studio --> Module Name --> Fields --> edit fields
b. Admin --> studio --> Module Name --> Labels

But as soon as we save the change, it saved with the original name. Field does not save with the renamed value.
Do we have any solution for this ? what kind of changes we need to do in code ? please suggest.

Ambit Support

Check your permissions for custom/Extension/modules/[YOUR_MODULE]/Ext/Language/