Suite CRM Installation Troubles

Hello, I have tried installing on a ubuntu server with HHVM and NGINX. Everytthing seemed fine except a few warnings about file upload size and memory limit even though they were set well above the recommended unsure why they were bought up in server check however i clicked next and SuiteCRM began to install. First it stopped suddnely with no next button and then i reran and it said complete so i though great however when i click next to go to index.php?module=Users&action=Login i just get a spinning wheel and eventually NGINX Bad Gateway error after 3 mins.

In my install.log it finishes with the below:
2017-02-08 20:30:13…DBG: SugarThemeRegistry::getDefault
2017-02-08 20:30:13…DBG: require modules/Users/Save.php
2017-02-08 20:31:03…installerHook: Could not find custom/install/install_hooks

Is there anything that can be suggested to help me get my installation running>