Suite Crm changed the owner-s display name


I dont know what happend with our suite crm.
I didnt made any changes, and when the users wanted to get the list of users oportunites, the display name has changed.
Attached a picutre.suite error
Now the owner name is not the normal name, it showes the upn from the ad user.
The only change that was made in a few weeks ago, that one user get a higher permissions nothingh else has modified.
Anybody has an ide for this?
Thanks for the help!


Sorry, just to clarify, is the issue that you’re now seeing usernames rather than the User’s Full-name?

If so, this can be changed CRM-wide, or per user, with the “Show Full Names” checkbox

To change it CRM-wide, it can be found in Admin->System Settings

Or, if you want to toggle it per-user, On your User Profile's Edit view -> "Advanced" Tab


Or is your issue something different?

Hy John!

Both of this setup are on, the problem is when i want to generate an OPPORTUNITIES list, in the past it worked well, the username was the users full name not the upn.



So, when you have the “Show Full Names” checked on your User Profile, you still see the username?

For me, when checked, the Listview will show the full names as expected:

Or have i perhaps misunderstood the issue?

Is the issue that:

  • The listview is showing the shortened username, instead of the Full Name

If so, can you check the User Profile of the “apeczeli” user, and check that it does indeed have a Firstname and Lastname set on the profile
(and that the Firstname/Lastname is not just “apeczeli”, if it has been pulled from AD

Or, is the issue that:

  • The listview is showing the wrong username, and these records were previously assigned to a different user

If so, apologies if I’ve misunderstood!


Yeah its the first issue.When i click on the user i see the first name last name and the full name correct, only in this listview i see the short login name in the owner field.
The only change i have made a few weeks ago that one user has got higher permissions.But if that made this i cannot say that this crm is recommended…



First you didn’t provide enough information to know what exactly your problem can be. It’s always a good idea to let others know your system configuration and your version of SuiteCRM.

About this:

Like any open source software. It takes time to get used to the system. It’s not professional to just come and to blame everything on the tool.



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Thanks for your response!

Like @BrozTechnologies said, it’d be good to get some more information, to see if anything can be replicated.

Such as:

  • Which version of the CRM are you using?

  • Do you know if this issue started appearing at the same time as the permissions change?
    Or was it some time after?

  • Do you know roughly what changed for permissions?
    Was it in the CRM’s Roles panel, in AD, or something external?

  • Are you aware if any other users have made CRM-wide changes, that may have affected the Listview?
    Or, if any other users can see this same issue?

  • And, Just to double check, which field is the one you’re having issue with?
    Is it “assigned_user”, “created_by” or “modified_by”

It would be good to get some of the above cleared up, and see where we can go from there


Dear John!

The problem has been solved…
I dont know why but all of the users setting changed in the show full name option, it was thicked out…
I dont know there are no global option for this?
In the admin account it was okay but not worked. In my account it wasnt enabled, i changed it and its okay now…Wierd.



hmmm, very strange!

Yeah, there are two places for the setting, (one in admin and one in your profile)

Well, anyway, glad to hear you’re all good now :slight_smile: