subpanel to be editable only by created by user or superadmin


I have created a custom case module & I created a sub-panel where i want the user who created that case (created by user) to provide feed back on the solution. So i dont want other user to be able to update data in that panel.

Please guide me how to achieve that.

Look into how to set up and use Roles and security groups.


Thanks for your response. I think with roles & security group we can only restrict a transaction to one user. But in my case there are more than 1 user in a role.

What I want is that in a module we have 6 subpanels. In that I want that when a user create a record then the last subpanel should be updated by him only, but other panels can be updated by other user also.

Please guide me if I am wrong.

I think you will need to custom code that functionality. By putting in a check that will check the id of the user that is trying to edit the sub-panel. I am not 100% sure how you would go about this as I have never had to do such a thing but it might be something to do with adding code onto the buttons in the custom metadata sub-panel defs.