subpanel missing

On the accounts page I expect to see a Documents subpanel but I don’t. I do see the many to many relationship between documents and accounts. On the document page I do see an accounts subpanel.

I am running 7.11.1

I don’t see the documents subpanel in the studio accounts subpanels section.

Any suggestions?


Please check

Admin / Display modules and subpanels

Documents is shown int he Dispayed Modules and in Displayed Subpanels.

First, try a Admin / Repair / Repair relationships, and QR & R.

If that doesn’t work, here are a couple more suggestions…

  1. See if you disabled it via Security Groups / Roles

  2. See if you renamed it to something else (through code, or through Admin / Rename modules). If you go to the Accounts detail view, and open your browser’s developer console, and check the page source, search for an element with id “whole_subpanel_documents”. If it’s there, that is the Documents subpanel. But maybe it is hidden, or shown with a different name to the user?

Do you have any records in documents?

Yes there are documents assigned to accounts

No security groups or roles yet. I don’t see “whole_subpanels_documents” in the source

I noticed that the subpanel name is missing in the relationship

Module: Documents
Label: Documents
Subpanel from Documents:

Why is that? Can I change it?

Where are you seeing that? In Studio, or in PHP files?

There seems to be something unhealthy about your system, maybe some old customizations that are breaking your system? Maybe if you examine the relevant parts of your “custom” directory you might find something.

I am seeing it in studio

I will look into the custom directory


In the custom directory I found am unset on Documents and that is what caused the missing Documents subpanel.

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Oh :scream:

So it wasn’t there because you had removed it, and forgot all about it? Or someone else removed it and you didn’t know?

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We had a company install for us, they added custom code. I am still trying to get to grips with what was done.

Thank you

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