Subpanel data not loading

Contacts subpanel is showing no contacts exist when there should be some.

I can see the following request is being made:

With this result:

But why is it not finding the contact which exists?

The same issue exists in reverse also - when viewing the Contact, the Account doesn’t show on the subpanel.

did you check the database to see if the relationship record exists in the relationship table?

Remember that the problem might be when creating the relationship, not necessarily when viewing it later.

Would that be the accounts_contacts table? Yes, the record is created there.

(also, are you able to tell me what the contacts_accounts_1_c table is about? That one’s empty)

You must have created (in Studio) a new accounts_contacts relationship. That’s probably the cause of the error. I am just guessing, but the empty subpanels your looking at are probably related to that new custom relationship, not the default one.

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Thank you, you’re a lifesaver

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